Unique, Original, Vintage

So many “social media” accounts are pictures of their homes, decor, vintage, interior design…..but so many of them are the same. And so many of the “vintage” items come from other countries. They are just made to look vintage.

Me? I’m a solid authentic vintage gal. I’m also a solid have one-of-a-kind vintage gal. And I’m all about having vintage in my home that not everyone else has. Friends should come over and find treasures that aren’t every where else.

Last spring three ladies were shopping in my store…..and I overheard them saying …oh, I’ve not seen this or this is unique….so I apologized for eavesdropping 🙂 but asked what they meant? Was it good? or just different?

Loved their responses…..they said they had been to several vintage stores that day and they all had the same things…..and my store was different….and real vintage and not out of a catalog! Yay! Loved hearing that.

So, if you are looking for REAL vintage, REAL you, REAL unique……please stop in! I promise you’ll find all three of those! 🙂

My Style is Evolving

First of all, let me start of with I think CHANGE is a good thing. It’s something you can always count on and you can learn to love, and embrace, change.

For the past several years my style (and, therefore;) the style of the store was kitchey cottage. Lots of painted chippy, wicker, sitting on your porch with coffee or wine. And certainly pastel.

But a few months ago we were doing a total rehaul of our home. And SO many things just didn’t work anymore. And it really started with hanging my husbands’ grandfather’s level. I realized I was drawn to tools, workshops, garages…..all the mantiques.

While I am still in love with chippy, painted, pastels….but I’m also mixing in wood tones, tools and natural woods. In our home I’ve actually replaced several pieces with tools and woods. I’m loving the industrial, tool feel of my home.

It’s fun to see this change coming to the store as well. I’m finding so many great treasures in “grandpa’s tool room/garage/barn/fix-it area” …..and I’m loving the woods tones, whites and the cottage feel.

This vintage home is all about what you love, the unique, the individual and the what speaks to your soul. AND I’m hoping this new feel will speak to your soul as well. PLEASE stop in the store and see if you love it as well <3

Yes, We were on TV!

Early November I received an email from WZZM 13 about being on their noon program about Christmas Vintage. My response was, “how much does this cost?”….because nothing is ever free. Imagine my surprise when they responded back ……it was free, it was real and they were inviting us 🙂

Because I still doubted “realistic much ;0” that this would come to fruition I didn’t tell anyone. As the date came closer I emailed again to make sure it was still happening.

So, last Friday Dad and I arrived (wearing our VG shirts) with Vintage Christmas and ready for our three-minutes of fame 🙂 It was such a fun experience. Everyone was incredibly kind of us, we were able to see other guests in the green room and then on TV. We also saw several things that were happening “live” and then it was our turn.

We had three minutes to share our vintage story. And then our phones started ringing from friends who saw the show. Of course, we packed our treasures up and headed off to three estate sales!! We are dedicated junkers for sure….and now we are famous junkers (haha)


Vintage …. I want…..

Ok, let’s start with this. I ONLY buy Vintage. For my home and my store. Because:

  1. I want to be unique, different, and have conversational pieces
  2. I want to reuse everything I can
  3. I want to save treasures from the landfill
  4. I want to have treasures that tell a story
  5. I want to give a new life to an old treasure
  6. I want to help people relive a memory
  7. I want to find the vintage myself
  8. I want vintage to be authentic and not be a reproduction
  9. I want to find vintage in basements, garages, attics and boxes
  10. I want vintage to help people see the difference in quality and workmanship
  11. I want to help people appreciate authentic
  12. I want vintage to be appreciated by all ages
  13. I want admire, and appreciate, the beauty of handcrafted
  14. I want to learn the story of pieces
  15. I want authentic vintage to be more “popular’ than reproductions
  16. I want to spend more time chatting with people about their vintage pieces and the story that goes with the piece

Christmas Open House 2019

Sunday, November 17th. If you want to shop early please come at 10 a.m. until noon. However, I ask that you bring a non-perishable food item. The food will be given to The Momentum Center (they are located in my Centertown neighborhood – and do amazing work in our community). At noon- 4 p.m. the store will be open to everyone (however, if you still want to bring a donation that would be greatly appreciated!)

This is a big day for the store! Starting mid-winter I start buying all the cool, authentic, vintage I can find. Then I store it in my basement……the week before I start hauling it upstairs and piling it in my garage. The Saturday before the trek to the store begins. (I’m also packing up all the fall to head back to the basement for next year)…..and at 4 p.m. the store closes for the overhaul.

It takes about eight people (six hours each)….and the store is magically transformed in to Christmas. So, why would I do this? Wouldn’t it be easier to bring the holidays in little, by little? Sure, but what would be the fun of a holiday open house then?

This is one of my favorite days (behind the Flea on Seventh, and NY Day Lakeshore Antique Trail Sale)….the Magic of Christmas at the store.

So, please know, I’ll continue to post the treasures headed to the open house….but you won’t be able to purchase them until the 17th. If it helps your anticipation…..there will be cupcakes ;0

Auction Fun

Last month I was out of town when I stumbled on some estate sale signs. You know me well enough at this point…..I followed the signs! Fortunately they were current and well placed…..so I found the sale easy enough. An old farmhouse, garage and barn looked promising.

However, as I was walking up I hear the auctioneer. Not an estate but an auction. Which apparently started at 9 a.m. At this point the barn had all been sold (which was fine – a lot of project pieces!), and they were finishing up in the yard with all the hunting and yard equipment. As I stood taking in what was happening I realized I was one of three women also. And these guys were looking at me with…..?!?!?!?!? Why would SHE show up to clearly a guy’s auction…and so late at this point (it was close to 1 p.m.).

So, I grabbed an auction number from the desk and went to check out the basement and garage. Turned out the garage had been sold already as well. Which was a bummer because there was a whisk I would have scooped up. Then down to the basement of the house.

The basement had about 10 areas stacked and clearly sectioned off. So much of the stuff on the table was cheap bric-brac. BUT, the cleaning section had this table – piled with buckets, vacuums, cleaning supplies, etc. And I loved the table. So, I was ready to bid on that corner.

As it goes this was the last area sectioned off. The other tables were selling for great prices….$7-$10 for a whole table of items…..my hopes were up 🙂 My top bid would be $30, no matter what. Bidding gets started and quickly went to $20 with four of us bidding. Then three of us, then two of us, then I lost out when the other guy bid $31. Ugh.

With nothing to lose I waited a few minutes, went over and introduced myself to him. Turns out he didn’t want the table but all the other items. (he also looked at me like I was nuts for wanting that old table). And because he thought the table was nothing….he sold it to me for $5! 🙂 I didn’t have to get rid of all the other items, saved $25 and I couldn’t have been more excited……but then……

Off to my truck I went to get the $5 cash for this guy……and in the garage was the guy who had purchased all the items on the table where the whisk was. Since I was so successful with the table….I asked that guy if he wanted to sell me the whisk……50 cents later I was the proud owner of that whisk!

Jumped in my truck, drove around back, by the time I made it back to the basement the table was unloaded and ready to be loaded on my truck.

I was out of the auction in about 40 minutes, without any additional items that I needed to load, donate, etc. And it only cost me $5.50. Woohooo.

Auctions might just be my thing!

Yard Sales

Yard Sales!

I love yard sales. You truly never know what you will find. I’m a feast or famine yard-sale person. It’s the kid’s clothing with the missing sock OR it’s great vintage at great prices.

Local yard sales are great fun – but if you want an amazing yard-sale experience you need to hit a trail.

For the past several years I’ve shopped 127. I’ve only been in Ohio though (this sale covers all of 127 – and several states). After this many trips I have vendor friends along the way, know which places to stop and which places to drive past. Sure, I might miss everything……but every year I’m out of space and money any way you look at it. And make sure you eat at the local places while shopping…..saves time and the prices are better.

This past week, for the first time, I shopped 12. This trail goes West to East at the bottom of Michigan. I’ll certainly try it again (because, I love yard sales!), but it was a lot more clothing etc. This was real garage sales vs. 127 often has full-time sellers on the trail. Which can mean better stuff; but at higher prices.

And last spring I also shopped the M15 trail – east side of the state – North to South. This was the best……real garage sales but with great stuff (and great prices).

So, if you love yard sales……get these on your calendar! See you on the yard-sale trail!

Fridays with Dad

For the past two(ish) years I’ve spent every Friday with my Dad. We’ve gone to thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales and even picked treasures up from the curb!

What fun we have had! We’ve made great friends along the way too. Ludington to Midland to Battle Creek. And let’s talk about the vintage we have found along the way!

My Dad is always saying…..”I’d take a gamble on that!”……and it doesn’t matter what it is or what the price is. I’m the one saying….”Nope, cannot do that price or it needs more work or…..” And trust me…..he loves it when I end up buying it and it sells right away!

We’ve heard the craziest stories, found treasures neither of us knew what it was, we’ve seen clean homes and the dirtiest of homes. But the best part of it…..is the time/memories we’ve made together.

Thanks, Dad, for always being willing to hit the junkin trail with me!

Chippy Dreams Come True

The other morning we were loading the truck with vintage goodies headed to the store. As the sunlight was hitting I snapped this picture. And, later, while looking at this I felt such a joy.

Yes, chippy vintage makes my heart happy. Chippy green makes my heart happy, saving/reusing/recycling vintage makes my heart happy…..and having my own vintage store makes my heart happy.

Truly the happiest though is….chasing your dreams. What ever your dream is…..figure out a way to chase it! <3

It Must Be Fun

Interesting. Today was a tough day, coming off a tough month. So, let me start at the beginning…..

Winters are rough. Not a lot of people are out shopping/buying for room remodels or fun, vintage treasures. Then add this crazy winter. We had quite the snow, ice and freezing temps. So, I’m behind the 8-ball, working it like crazy, promoting, tagging….and participating in shows everything month. Which means packing, unloading, setting up, taking down, reloading, driving home, unpacking. It’s a LOT! And since once of my business goals this year is to be part of a show every month….it’s like repeat, repeat, repeat 🙂

Today I had a customer in the store, she had just retired. As we were chatting….she said: And I quote here: How fun it must be to have a little store to play with every day.

It was at that point….my thoughts were OY VEY!

I guess the good thing is…..I’m chasing my dream and still loving it! So, word of advice……chase what you love….that is what makes it fun to “play everyday”

Blessings my friends, Joyce