AMAZING Green Cabinet <3

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Lin and Vern, my dear friends, bought this AMAZING cabinet at an estate sale. It was in the basement of a house in Grand Haven (my hometown)……so back to the cabinet 🙂

Turns out it was built IN the basement, Turns out the back was missing, Turns out it had to be sliced, diced and carried out in pieces. Vern did painstakingly carried it out, took one of the doors to the paint store for the exact paint match, put it on casters and reassembled this one piece in three.

The cabinet has latches on the top….which make the three pieces into one piece. Because of that we were easily able to get it into the store. That means it can easily leave the store and head to your home <3

Having said that I want to put a crazy high price on it – so I can keep it, admire it, fill it, and drool on it 🙂 but, Lin and Vern want to sell it. They are hoping someone will adopt it and take it to their loving home.

Truly – this is a piece you just have to see…and lovingly touch it <3

The measurements: 11′ 9″ long, 6 feet tall and 21″ deep. It is on casters. Price is $1,300. They are offering local to Grand Haven delivery for free.

Please come by and see this beauty <3

Blessings, Joyce

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