Love to buy dirty brown :)

Glass Cabinet

I bought this cabinet about a month ago. It was DIRTY BROWN. I think the cobwebs, on the bottom, had their own cobwebs!! It was nasty. But nothing is better than purchasing something awful and breathing new life into it.

Everything I bring home gets a soapy, bleach bath (and old trick my dad taught me), and then comes the fun part! I decide what color to paint it, what needs repairing, etc. Fortunately for me my hubby is super handy! (Although I’m not sure he always appreciates that I utilize his skills!)

My favorite part is the painting. We all have our own relaxation, right? I can get lost in painting for hours. If I have the time nothing is better than lining up my driving with furniture to paint!

So, back to the cabinet……it was fixed, washed, painted and the back papered. I LOVE how it turned out 🙂

It will be in the store when I open again! Be sure and stop by and check it out <3

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