Love of Junk


Are you a junker? Someone who is always checking out garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores…..maybe even the curb?!? If you are….do you ever wonder where you picked up the habit?

This is my dad. He gave me the love of old, repurposed, junk. During my high school years I remember going with my parents to flea markets (and there were no tube socks or headbands available!!), people would lay out blankets and put their wares on them. My dad has been a saver of junk and turning it into something of value. Years ago he gave me an old table on wheels. It has an enamel top. When he bought it the black mold and smell made me wonder what he was thinking. But, it is still in my laundry area today. It’s washed, clean and the legs are painted green (just for me!).

He’s also a putterer. He could spend hours fixing, gluing and painting to get a piece just right. A tinkerer! He’s the person I still call with how to wash something, or a tool I should use. Last week I called to find out how to get mold out of a vintage wicker recliner (which is wonderful now and will make it into the store in the next week). I learned the bleach, soap and hot water scrub from my Dad.

So, it was no surprise today to have my parents pull into the store parking lot with this cabinet. Best part? It didn’t fit into their car and it was roped on to their trunk! For those of you who saw the cabinet I bungee corded to my car a few weeks ago; you will now understand where my packing skills came from 🙂

My dad said now that garage sale season is upon us I should expect more junk deliveries! I say…..bring it on Dad <3

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