We ALL have that One Item

Frame of Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Nearly Done

I bought this cabinet in September 2014!! It was in pieces, literally. The lady I bought it from moved from Florida to Michigan five years before I bought the cabinet. She labeled each piece and then took it apart. During her five years in Michigan it was stored, in pieces, in her garage. It was never put back together. So, when she decided to move back to Florida she had a huge sale. No more dragging things back and forth were her words.

So, I took a gamble and bought her puzzle!! Because my hubby is so handy I often buy projects. But this, well, I wondered if I had crossed the line! We both knew as I unpacked my car this was going to be a big project!

The fall was busy for us, then winter was too cold to work on it in the garage. Then in the spring my store opening took every bit of fix-it, attention and well, frankly all our time! That cabinet continued to stare at both of us. We knew it would be a big task. And we all know that big tasks are easy to put off. So, quick fixes bumped this big cabinet project (several times over!).

Finally today my hubby had enough of that cabinet “looking” at him 🙂 When I arrived at home today (after the store closed) I was greeted by the sides of the cabinet coming together. Several hours into putting this back together it is in the garage awaiting a really great wipe down! Thanks honey!

No longer is that cabinet waiting to be restored to its’ gorgeous self <3 Blessings, Joyce

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