Longest Yard Sale

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Let’s start with this: If you have never been on the Longest Yard Sale – you NEED to!

My dear friend, Sue, and I have attended several famous, large antique shows. Last year we decided to try the Longest Yard Sale for something different. What fun we had! Last year we started at the bottom of Michigan and worked our way into Ohio. We started on Thursday morning and went for 13 hours. On Friday we stopped at 5 p.m. – only to realize we were just 3.5 hours away from home 🙂

Oh…the people we met…..Aric from RusticDiehls became a great friend (I bought a ton of green goodies from him!)…..and the things we saw for sale……antiques to car seats! Both vendors and shoppers were so kind and fun. We met a couple from Canada who were driving the WHOLE route. They told us every state had different finds for sale and even had bands playing! We met another couple from California who bought enough stuff to stock their antique store for six months!!

So, of course we marked these dates off on our 2015 calendars and planned for more shopping and fun!

This year we drove to the bottom of Ohio Wednesday night. We started out Thursday morning at 8 a.m. IN THE RAIN :(…….several dealers were set up, but all was covered and there was no one to buy from. So it started out slow for us. We met the die-hard junkers, the serious shoppers that morning!

By Thursday night the back seat area of the truck was full, and the back of the truck was full (but the fold-up cover was down to protect from rain). We both knew if we were going to do more shopping on Friday the rain had to stop so we could open the cover and go vertical with purchases. Friday morning we emptied the truck and repacked. The gentleman getting in the car commented on our packing skills! (you know I have a virtual PhD in packing!!)

Now I should tell you that Sue only bought four things (last year too – might be a pattern!) and they were small items. But she points things out for me, helps me load, and makes me laugh all the way. Spending those days with her is as much a perk as the shopping! Love you Sue <3 On Friday we scored some great, big finds. I can talk about the stuff, I can show you the pictures of what I bought.....but the people and the stories! That is the best. We met a lady who rang a cowbell after we realized we knew some of the same people, we kept crossing paths with two ladies we met at the hotel Thursday morning, we met a gentleman who helped us use a ratchet strap (thank heavens!), and we chatted with strangers who became friends all through the state of Ohio. We met three guys named Bob (all selling next to each other) and drank Apple Pie Moonshine with Bob #2 (boy, could I get in trouble if I had that recipe!). We saw Minions, outhouses for sale, a truck and trailer stuck in the mud with men trying to figure that one out!, we saw a map that you put your location pin in, and the water view in Celina, OH was beautiful, and we saw AMAZING fields, blue skies houses, barns. We spent both our two days junkin' from Hamilton, Ohio to West Unity, Ohio. The miles between allowed us to find treasures; but the best part was we made friends, we connected with people we will probably never see again, and we (once again) fell in love with 127. Did I mention - you NEED to do this 🙂 Blessings, Joyce

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