Estate Sale Thoughts and Stories

Estate Sale SignOK….Confession. I LOVE estate sales. It’s where you find the good stuff, it’s where you see how people live, it’s where you “feel” their story, it’s where you meet the most fun, amazing people. I LOVE estate sales.

I feel like every estate sale is an adventure – a first! About the time I think I’ve seen it all….another first creeps in. You should know I’ve been attending estate sales for decades. So….. a few of my favorites to share!

1. Last week I was at an estate sale where they handed out rubber gloves before you went in to the house OR garage! Yikes on the germs there. I didn’t buy much because I couldn’t get past the serious sadness of the dirt.

2. Yesterday I was at an estate sale of a woman who had been married six times. The undergarments for sale in one room – well, they made me blush 🙂 WOW on a major 92-year-old hottie 🙂 May I have that much lingerie someday 🙂

3. I was at a sale in IL – Where the house was a deep-block long. It was AMAZING. Because I love stories I asked! She was an interior designer and he was an architect. The house had a garden area on the side that was – seriously – like being in a different world! Coffee in the morning and wine in the evening. I could have found myself on that patio area 🙂

4. I’ve been to sales with dirt floors in the whole house – and houses that were furnished and decorated by the best of the best! But estate sales tell the story from private, poor, entertaining, rich to regular people. Honestly, It’s a privilege to be inside someone’s home. It’s lets you see/feel their story.

Plus….you leave with some really great treasures <3

Blessings! Joyce

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