Get by with a little help from my VG Friends

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This was the summer to redo my porch. The cushions were old, stained and begging for a change. I also wanted all my cushions to match….from the porch to the deck to the patio. Enter Vintage Green customer…now friend, Jess – Twin Fabrics. She has some amazing sewing skills! Jess is also willing to work with budgets and out of the box ideas 🙂 All the cushion fabric is actually painters’ tarp that I bought from Enter another helper….Sevens Paints, which is across the street from Vintage Green.

Enter Green Door – Jocelyn is someone I have been following on IG and FB. We met this past August and it was like spending an afternoon with an old friend! The cabinet with the wood top is from her store. I LOVE this piece.

Enter Playfully Vintage – the really cool green scale is from them. I’ve loved getting to know Kerry and Martin. Fun people to work alongside of. That scale became the springboard for the rest of the decor.

And last Enter I do Signs. I’ve actually know Amber for several years. Our initial connection was a love of vintage. Amber has a great eye. So last week I video taped my sunporch and asked her what color to repaint the chairs that are at the table. You can see she made a great color choice for the chairs.

The weather here today was wonderful enough that I actually ate my lunch on the sun porch. It was so great to just sit there. I love how the porch turned out…..but more importantly I love the people I’ve met through Vintage Green. Seeing items I picked up from each of them is like having friends all the time on the sun porch. I’m blessed by them.

Blessings my friends, Joyce

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