Birthday Junkin Adventure!

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Let’s start with a little background…..My hubby HATES to antique. He says I wore him out years ago. Apparently I said too many times……Let’s stop here, just one more stop….ok, really just one more stop! Today he goes to only ONE market with me during the summer. So, for my birthday this year I asked for no gift, no card, no flower…nothing. BUT I wanted my gift to go junkin on Sunday, stay overnight at my favorite hotel (Weber Inn, Ann Arbor, MI), and then junk home the day after. AND…here is the biggie: I asked for my birthday gift to be no complaining! …… No.. Are we done yet? No…why would you want that….I wanted guilt-free junkin!

His first comment………..”I could get you a gift certificate!, Name your place.”……second comment, “Isn’t that what girlfriends are for!”……………….nope I wanted a few days away together. You should know Dan works a TON of hours and I wanted time for just us also. So, after a few days of bartering he agreed!

At Dan’s work on Friday several people asked about his Monday vacation day. When he told them what he was doing and what I asked for a gift……… complaining……..they chucked and wisely offered him their best wishes 🙂

We left Sunday morning. McCoy, the lucky pup, stayed with my store neighbor (Overtime Sports – side note McCoy has won over Jenny, Jay, Alex and Rachel!  He loves sleepovers at their house! )……..So, after dropping off McCoy we grabbed breakfast at Village Baker in Spring Lake and headed east.

We made three stops on Sunday. I managed to make a great dent in the bed of the truck and the back seat. Dan turned out to be an amazing sport! He offered to drop me off at the door and park. (I was surprised it didn’t take him 30 minutes to find a parking spot!) Here is the great part – he hauled stuff!! To the counter, to the truck, and I never loaded a thing!! It was AWESOME!!

A couple that shops at Vintage Green, usually on Saturdays learned about my Bloody Mary weekend fix. They gave me a gift certificate for a Bloody Mary on my birthday! How sweet is that! (picture on my facebook page – and thanks again Garry and Marion!).

We stayed over Sunday night at Weber Inn (Ann Arbor, MI). They have an AMAZING restaurant attached to the hotel. The food, and service, are wonderful. It is a great stay-over place! We also enjoyed breakfast at the hotel on Monday morning.

Our Monday agenda included six stops. Dan readjusted items, told me when an item needed more work than we wanted, redirected me to a dresser that really was in great shape. (You should know Dan is super handy and fixes everything before it gets to the store!) We snagged lunch at Zingerman’s (a local favorite!)…..and junked our way home. Dan also helped unload the whole truck when we got home.

And here’s the best part!! Not one complaint, not one comment that made me feel guilty! We had a wonderful escape – just the two of us. Dinner was filled with laughter and conversation. I feel reconnected with the man I married nearly 34 years ago. What more could I ask for! Seriously, the truck was filled with treasures…..but my heart is filled with pure, free love.

And Dan…… get a HUGE star 🙂

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