I’m Not A Maker

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I’m not a maker. Many of my Vintage Peeps are. They use pallets, boards, all kinds of materials that they repurpose or rebuild in to something amazing. This would be the time for me to confess: I’m not allowed to use my hubby’s tools. The only tool I have is a screw-driver set. Apparently I’ve used tools incorrectly and wrecked them! (sorry honey!).

My passion, and skill set, is to find a piece of furniture that needs “shoring up” and then painting, etc. Fixing something up so it can bring joy to someone again. Usually I purchase the old, sad, brown items and give them a fresh face.

Last month I was at an estate sale, and in the basement was this old storage box. It had the “leans!” When I told the estate guy I was buying it he was surprised. When I brought it home my hubby asked how on earth it was going to be saved. Honestly, this piece was too far gone. But there was something about this piece that I just couldn’t leave it.

And so for the first time in my junkin’ career I bought something to take apart and reuse. The patina on the inside was just too gorgeous to let go. The front door of this cabinet came with great hardware and trim. The shelves were not attached to the cabinet, and they also had a great patina. Every part had potential to be something better.

The inside shelves are now the word boards. The front door is an awesome chalkboard. And the sides and top pieces are coming apart to become word boards as well. The cabinet could not be saved, but the pieces and parts will live on 🙂

In case you are wondering……I did take the cabinet all apart using only my screw-driver set!

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