Vintage Green is One Year Old!


365 days have passed since I signed a one-year lease, since I was unbelievably nervous about the undertaking, since I checked off “owning my own vintage store” on my bucket list! And what a year it has been 🙂

In no particular order…’s my year recap:

I hired a CPA! It was either pay me or hire Mark. Smarter to hire Mark 🙂
It takes a LOT of work to bring new treasures in every day.
Being open seven days a week is not healthy to life balance.
Learning my hubby already has a full-time job; and can’t spend all his time fixing treasures!
February is S.L.O.W. – I need to figure out how to remedy that.
I spent 12 months worrying about paying all my bills. But I managed it ($14 to spare in February)
There are LOTS of people who share my favorite color 🙂
McCoy is by far the favorite at my store.
Prices at Vintage Green are fair – and I believe that is appreciated
The Christmas Open House was AMAZING. Thank you to everyone who came!
Every day I spend at least an hour on social media trying to promote the store.
Last summer I sold at 13 shows – this year seven. Balance in my life is more important.
My store neighbors have been amazing. They have been so helpful and encouraging.
This is the first time I have worked in the community I live – I love it.
Thrilled to find how many people love to support local business.
Estate sales rock! You find cool things and see the inside of houses 🙂
So many customers have encouraged me with the store – so thankful.
I love having pop-up shops and classes at the store. A crowd is always fun!
Owning your own business requires second guessing and tweaking every day.
People love antique stores that don’t smell like old treasures 🙂
My painting skills may have not gotten tidier…..they are still messy! Yikes!
I have a whole new appreciation for retail.

Honestly, the list could be WAY longer…………..but here’s my best recap:

I opened a vintage store, I opened my dream…………and I now share it with so many new friends, and my family. I’ve opened my door, but really my heart, to so many new friends. I am BLESSED. Who knew opening a store would bring me so many new friends 🙂 I encourage each of you to follow your dreams and enlarge your friend circle. I love being part of your life and stories – Thank you for letting me in <3 Feeling the love of the past year, my friends <3. Thank you!!

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