Five Very Different Estates in One Day

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Yesterday I went to Indiana Estate Sales, with my friend Debbie (Purple Fairy Flower on Etsy), and every house we went to was so different. Of course, we hit every junk shop we drove by as well 🙂

The first sale was a 15,000 square foot house!! The ceilings were so tall, the windows were huge, everything was “done”……at one point Debbie said we looked like white trash because we were standing in one place with our mouths hanging open (hahahaha)….and we were. Cabinets were $4,200!! The backyard had an amazing patio, dining, pool area. Sigh… be rich ;0

The second sale….I’m guessing was a Catholic grandma. Amazing Catholic books and Bibles. And several pictures, words, etc. that were religious. The basement was full of holiday decorations too. It was fun to look through all the decor items there.

The third house seemed like no decorating happened after the late 60s. The twin yellow/gold twin beds-bedroom was a throw back in time. I’m guessing this house to be around 4,000 sq. ft. There were two rooms in the basement filled with floral arranging decor. Great little cocktail/bar area all set up as well 😉

The fourth house………..well, we spent the least amount of time there. It was a smokers’ house, but other “smells” were mixed in as well. It was also a very modern, Asian style. We used numerous wet wipes to try and get the smell off of us. We also put lotion on trying to get rid of it. You know how you feel like the smell is even in your hair :(….Eeeewwwwww….

The fifth, and last house, was where we spent the most time. I’m thinking an elderly man lived there. The upstairs had lots of books and decor just stacked and sitting around everywhere. But the basement was a tool palooza. He also had at least five old washing machines! The round ones on feet……apparently when someone’s broke he took it to fix or for the parts. The work table I bought had to be taken apart (a huge thank you to them for taking it apart for me!!), so we could get it out of the basement. (Definately built IN the basement)……I also bought 35 old tin cans that he painted and labeled for all his tool parts).

After repacking the truck I used the new netting (thanks to my hubby for ordering it!)…..making sure all my treasures stayed in and safe!

The best part??? Spending 12 hours with an amazing friend…..laughter, tears, ranting, sharing, prodding, and loving! Treaures all day long <3

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