Why do I Still Have this Box?


Last summer, while at an estate sale, I found this box. Which I loved. Carried it up the stairs, unloaded and then reloaded my car for it. Gushed over this amazing find. Envsioned it on a farm table filled with all kinds of eye candy. Envisioned it with a plastic base and then filled with ice and beverages. Envisioned it on a picnic table filled with picnic treasures. The list went on and on for this cool piece.

Well, it is a year later and apparently I am the only one who loved it, envisioned it and wanted to keep it 🙂 (And one of my continual struggles is that you cannot keep it all!)…….and here is the question??

Why does this happen? Those of us who are Junkers/Sellers/Vendors/Owners…..we have this happen more than we understand. We found it, fell in love with it, and a year later…..we are wondering why we still have it! Those poor items become the Christmas tree that never got picked. If I could only look at an item and know if I should pass on it or if it would sell right away. The goal is to find something that YOU will love and want to bring home right away.

If anyone knows the answer to why I still have this box (or for that matter all the other treasures I STILL have :)….) WE (on behalf of all my vendor friends) would love to know the secret!

Box: 33×28 and 8 in. tall $30

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