McCoy and his Seventh Street Peeps


McCoy. That’s really all I need to say. He has his own peeps, and is loved by customers and neighbors alike.

A typical day at the store is customers who come in just because they saw the sign that says “My Puppy, McCoy, is in the store.” Returning customers know his name and fuss with him. A handful of McCoy’s very favorite peeps bring in treats! (In case you want to be on that list please know McCoy is allergic to peanut butter – makes him shed like crazy)

Overtime Sports is next to Vintage Green. Jenny and Jay own the store. Their children, Alex and Rachel, love McCoy. They even have him over for sleepovers 🙂 Seriously 🙂 Jay, who is not a dog appreciator even fusses over McCoy. They keep treats at their store for him. When Jenny walks past my store she says, ” Hello McCoy, ” you need to know that McCoy loves Jenny. So wherever he is in the store he run to the door to see her 🙂

Sometimes Heidi, and her children Ainsley and Hunter, work at Overtime Sports. They are allergic to dogs. But that does not stop them from fussing all over McCoy. They take him for walks, play with him, pet him and invite him over to the store just to play! McCoy has his own playgroup 🙂

This picture is Ainsley and Hunter putting McCoy on the board and pulling him all over the store. Heidi captured the picture for me. How fun is this for McCoy!

Sherry, Owner of Booked for the Seasons, has a Keurig. We head over there a few times a week for coffee and tea. McCoy loves playing over there. He sniffs everything out and tries to get Sherry (and Diane on Wednesdays) to share their snacks with him. McCoy has even made friends with their customers!

Nail Haven is also part of McCoy’s circle. Pixie is their resident puppy. I think she weighs about four pounds!! And is cute as a button. When we put our sign on the corner McCoy runs in to get his nose kisses from Pixie. Sometimes Lib (Pixie’s partner in crime) and I find ourselves out back with the puppies for a potty break 🙂 They are so excited to see each other.

Dave, our mailman, always says hello to McCoy and gives him a pet or two. McCoy loves seeing Dave in the store. And it’s so sweet……as Dave is leaving he says, “have a great day or see you tomorrow” to me…..and then he says Bye McCoy 🙂

We (Dan and I – and our sons) are so blessed to have McCoy. He has made our lives immensely richer. Four-and-a-half years ago I was with my great niece, Abi, at a fall festival. Along the fence were lines of rescue dogs. Abi and I crawled along the cages and fussed and petted over all of them. When we got to McCoy he was in his cage lying down. He came out of his cage, climbed in to my lap, looked at me and I think both our hearts melted. Umm….honey, I’m bringing home a puppy! (Our last dog had passed away about six months before at 14.5 years). So having McCoy claim us filled that empty spot in our hearts.

I’ve come to realize that not only are we richer and happier in our lives with McCoy, he also blesses so many people every day. And I love, love, love that he has his very own special peeps on Seventh Street. <3

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