Two Jobs That I Love!


It’s something I struggle with. Do you follow me because of Vintage Green? Do you follow me because you know me? Do you want to know more about me personally? Or less about me personally? Is it my store? Me? Or a little of both? And what is oversharing?!?!

But, I took a leap when I posted working in San Francisco. And sharing that I’m working with a Christian School. Some of you have asked what? wait? you do what exactly? So allow me to share some of my other life with you 🙂

My academic degrees: An undergrad degrees are in Public Relations and In Advertising. My Masters is in Management. All my degrees were accomplished as an adult. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up 🙂 But I love that I use my degrees and feel blessed to have a hubby (and sons) who have supported my academic dreams. They cheered me on all the way!

For 12 years I worked at a Christian School IN West Michigan. I was the Director of Advancement. My responsibilities included: Annual Funds, Capital Campaigns, Endowments, Special Events, Alumni, Recruitment and Retention, Communications, Marketing….well, the list was long 🙂 And most days – like any job – I loved it. About six years ago Christian Schools International invited me for lunch.

They are a “parent” organization (which means my pension plan is with them) and they host a lot of training, development, strategic planning, networking….the list is long. My work with them involves working and traveling with schools all over the US and Canada.

On some Mondays and Tuesdays I head to a Christian School someplace 🙂 We spend two days creating a platform on what advancement is and does…..and then on the second day we create their map. The map they live and breathe and tweak adjust. It’s sort of like asking what do you want to be when you grow up – and then how will you get there.

I LOVE it. The travel, the people, the work. But 2-4 days a month allows me to help my parents with their needs, hang with family, and of course have my vintage dream store. I am blessed!

Thanks for letting me share 🙂

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