Feeling Big Time

While I was hatching, plotting and planning opening my dream store I spoke with all my business-owner friends. What are hidden costs, what is the key to surviving, what do you wish someone had told you, what would you do differently…….and if you know me; you know I asked all kinds of questions and wrote them in my notebook!

One of the hidden costs is how you package a purchase for a customer. The bag and the wrapping. Do you use ribbons? All upfront costs. So I did what I could afford first. Online, and at the grocery store, I bought plain brown bags. Then I wrote thank you on each bag (in green, of course!). At an estate sale I found boxes of old sewing patterns; super easy to use that as wrapping. That idea actually turned out really well! I love reusing the patterns.

But as my business feet have become more stable I started getting the itch for my next investment step. (May 1, 2017 will mark the two-year opening of Vintage Green.) My sight has been on getting real bags. Thanks to my store neighbor friends, VerDuins, they helped me find what I was looking for AND at a price I could afford. Yesterday I picked them up. I am super, way, crazy, over-the-top excited about having my OWN store bags.

So, hurry in to the store, buy something so I can put it in a bag for you! And …..I might just be wet-eyed <3