Jean’s Minnie House

Last week I had the opportunity to fall in love with my friend Jean’s Minnie House.

It is the darlingest little she-shed in her back yard. As I was gushing all over it she told me that …..her husband had built it for her, they used scraps, pieces, reused, repurposed, recycled it all. Jean’s extra touches, a piece of ribbon there, a strip of lace, twinkle lights, numbered drawers…….and are just pure eye candy.

You walk the path to get to the Minnie House. It is surrounded by flower gardens and a patio set. As I walked around it the window boxes and shutters were like sprinkles on a cake.

Jean also told me her Mom’s name was Minnie. (So so so very sweet)

Brace yourself though….you are going to want a Minnie House. Thank you, Jean, for sharing with me.

(And you need to know my pictures absolutely do not do justice to this sweet yard and Minnie House).