It’s Like Retro…..No, it IS Retro

This past weekend I was selling at a market. One of my customers pointed at this pitcher and said to her friend, “hey, look at that pitcher, it’s like retro!”……to which I explained it IS retro.

Everything that comes to my store is Vintage. It’s not made in China or reproduced. Each item is hunted for, found, washed, glued, fixed, repaired, painted and loved on. Not one item comes from another country or arrives in a box.

Which means what you find in my store may not be available the next time you come in…..or you may not be able to have two of the same item. It’s all unique. And all handpicked.

That’s my favorite part of the store….the hunt 🙂 finding a treasure that I think you may love and enjoy. And remember…..Vintage Green offers one-of-a-kind, authentic, vintage treasures 🙂