Vintage GREEN….yes, that means the bulk of my vintage is GREEN. Of course, the word is a double dip these days. Green is to recycle, reuse and repurpose. My store is doing both! Finding great treasures that can be reused 🙂

At least once a week a customer asks me…… “What is your favorite color?” OR “What is your fascination with green.” When the favorite color question is asked….it’s fun to answer yellow or orange or purple….something that isn’t a big color in the store. My fascination…..I love the color green. I can be anywhere – and from a field away see the one green item!

Several years ago I bought my first green car ;0 My house has lots of green. (My husband loves blue….so I have had to do the nasty compromise and so our house is a mixture of blues, greens and whites – I love the cottage/farmhouse look). I literally wear something green every day. It probably would not surprise you to know all my earrings are green too ;0

My favorite green is sage….but I really do not discriminate against any shade!

Last month I finally am able to carry my own store t-shirts and baseball tees. I’m super excited to have green clothing with the store name on it. It is even more exciting when one of you purchases it. And then to have you send me the pic of you wearing it……makes my heart smile 😉

So, if you are like me…..and #greenisyourjam…..let me know!! (And, if you want a tee – I ship!)

(Tee photo courtesy of the designer….my dear friend, Amber @i.do.signs)