Behind the Scenes

Today was my third Christmas Open House.

I can still remember my first. All the work and time….and about 11:30 I was freaking out. Why would anyone come to my open house. At noon there was a line to get in to the store. I remember just being in tears over it. And it was amazing!!!

All year long I shop for vintage Christmas treasures. The first part is deciding on what I’m looking for, what do I need/want…..and most importantly, what are you looking for??? So, again, all year long I shop, wash, paint, glue, tag what I find. It’s all stored in my basement. (read trips up and down stairs!)

THEN…..then Friday before all that comes up to the garage (great cardio exercise ;0)……after that is multiple trips to the store. PLUS all the fall vintage goes back to the basement. The store gets totally flipped from regular to Christmas. Furniture gets moved, boxes get unpacked…..imagine moving everything you own in a weekend, and getting it all set up and put together for company!!

This year I kept track of hours and friends who helped…….so here goes:

Jenny and Emily: 14 hours for setting up
Dan and my Dad: 6 hours
My Dad and I cutting wood and gathering greens: 4 hours
Dan cutting the wood: 1 hour
Kim making cupcakes: 3 hours
Amanda, Abi, Amber, Cora, Natalie, Rachel and Anna at the open house: 25 hours
Me: 23 hours

It takes A LOT to make a Christmas Open House magical…… for those of you who came, shopped, shared kind words, told me this is a tradition now, found your treasure ALL this work makes it worth all the hours…..THANK YOU 🙂 AND  a HUGE thank you to all who helped with the Open House.  I truly could not have done it without your help.  THANK YOU!

(And in case you missed it…………still come in there is still a lot of vintage Christmas)

Christmas Blessings my Friends, Joyce