Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce


What a thrill, and honor,, it was to be on a panel about social media with these super talented ladies this morning!


Let’s start at the beginning…..last week Mary, from the Chamber, sent me an email.  She was asking if I would be willing to share how I use social media at the store.  And she included these ladies as part of the panel.  (This is like being a big dog on the porch ;0).

Obviously I said yes!!  And I am thankful she asked, and that I said yes.  It was great fun to chat with Stefanie (Visit Grand Haven)  and Melanie (Chamber) and to meet Michelle (Seven Steps Up).  They each shared suggestions and ideas that I took notes on!

OK, let’s start way back at the beginning….I’ve only been using social media for six years.  My first account was Facebook.  It was a birthday gift from Amber (I Do Signs).  She had created an account for Vintage Green and gave it to me as a gift.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would ever do anything with it.  (And I’ve always kidded around that if I ever had social media it would end up being a picture of me sans clothing and with a beer ;0)…….so fast forward……to a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and this blog!! (no pictures sans clothing have appeared, but there have been wine in picture ;0)

When the advertising for this came out – we were described as Gurus!!  I actually did a screen shot and sent that to my family with all kinds of laughing faces.  Funny to think I might be considered a guru.  I consider myself a work in progress, I’m not afraid to ask anyone everything about social media, and I’m willing to spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure things out.  Another thing is most social media apps come with analytics that help track who are your customers, when are they on, what posts get the most attraction.  They do the math for you ;0

What I did share with the group this morning… media only works if you know: your brand, your story, your message, what you want to achieve, why are you posting….and continually assessing what is working for your business.

In closing….for those of you who knew I shied away from social media in the past……I hope you are smiling at how far I have came ;0   (Special thanks to Sterling Warners for creating this blog page – and then patiently training me !!)