My very own (I can use it!) Sander ;0

I’m not handy. At all. I struggle with getting handles off dressers, drawers put back in, and don’t even think about letting me us a power tool! (OY VEY). Fortunately for me my hubby is super handy (lucky me, right!). Because he’s so handy he has all kinds of tools. Which, I will now confess to you that I’m not allowed to use. Apparently I’ve misused and broken some of them (ok, on several occasions and, I guess they are expensive to replace!).

My toolbox has one screw driver, a paint can opener, scissors and a pencil that I number dresser drawers with. Well, here is my exciting news !! I know own a sander. A really cool DeWalt sander. I’ve used it twice already. AND – this is the cool part….I can change the sandpaper all by myself ;0

The sander joined my extensive (hahaha) collection because of my sweet, super handy, unbelievably gifted, upcycling friend, Deb (Tickled Pink Furnishings – you can find her goodies at Pinky’s Place in Grand Rapids and Flat River Cottage in Lowell, Michigan)

After pestering her for probably a year about her projects I bought the same sander and sandpaper she uses. Which totally means my treasures are going to be fabulous <3

And now I have a tool with a power cord in my collection (hahahahaha) Thanks to DeWalt for making a sander that is unhandy friendly!