Tutt Tutt I Smell Mold; Said My Hubby

Let’s start with a little back story. When our boys were little we all used to watch “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree.” As we all know Pooh loves honey, and as he wanders the Hundred Acre Woods, he ends up at Rabbit’s house. Rabbit has honey! And Pooh keeps saying “tutt tutt, I smell honey” until Rabbit shares it with him. In case you need to know the end of the story 🙂 Pooh gets trapped, tries to get out and makes a mess of Rabbit’s house. Christopher Robin shows up and saves the day! Who doesn’t love a happy Winnie the Pooh story. 🙂

Up to the current moment…..Tutt Tutt I smell…..has become a common line at our house. I smell dinner, I smell a new car, I smell skunk, I smell too many athletic shoes in the mudroom (hahaha – parents of athletic boys and their gear will understand this!)….

Monday afternoon I headed south to pick through a barn. There were so many great treasures there, and so I loaded the truck up (used a lot of bungee cords too!), and took the beautiful backroads home. Arriving home I pulled the truck up on the drive anxious to show my hubby all the great treasures.

He comes walking out to the truck, drops the tailgate, grabs this old trunk……stops in place, looks at me and said…Tutt Tutt I smell mold.

Ok, it might have had to be one of those “you had to be there things”….but I could not stop laughing.

And all was right that night…..beautiful sky, backroads, barn treasures, truck full and a great memory laugh with my hubby.

Tutt Tutt friends….I smell Memories 🙂