Bungee Queen

Dear Bungee Corporation,

I love bungee cords. There are two buckets full in my truck and one in my car. The bungees are assorted colors and lengths. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever met a bungee cord I didn’t love 😉

For the past seven years I’ve been a junker. Bungee cords have allowed me to pack, haul, strap to and bring home treasures that would never have fit on their own. Shame on me for not keeping all the pictures from my adventures. You would have been amazed at how much I’ve made happen with the help of your bungee cords! I love to say, “I bungee cord the bungee cord!”

So, if in the future you are looking for example of how junkers can use bungee cords……look no further. I am your Bungee Queen.


Joyce (the I’ve got a bungee cord that will make that fit!)