Let’s Move the Cake Plates, Again :)

On Wednesday the store overhaul started. Christmas was packed up, that took a few hours, and then snow and glitter needed to be vacuumed up. (on a side note the store has been vacuumed twice now and another vacuuming is still needed. Behold the power of fake snow and glitter!).

One of the store changes was to place a beautiful black buffet in the entryway. We decorated it with cake plates and sparkly greens. About two hours later a couple came in. They asked if the buffet was for sale….and and…that meant the cake plates needed to be undone.

We moved a grey cabinet in the entryway and back went the cake plates and sparkly greenery. Closed the store for the night. This morning…..a lady came in and asked if the grey cabinet was for sale. Sold the grey cabinet.

Third cabinet arrived shortly after. Back went the cake plates.

So, either, come in tomorrow and buy all the cake plates OR feel free to buy the white/green table!!

This is how it goes 🙂