It Must Be Fun

Interesting. Today was a tough day, coming off a tough month. So, let me start at the beginning…..

Winters are rough. Not a lot of people are out shopping/buying for room remodels or fun, vintage treasures. Then add this crazy winter. We had quite the snow, ice and freezing temps. So, I’m behind the 8-ball, working it like crazy, promoting, tagging….and participating in shows everything month. Which means packing, unloading, setting up, taking down, reloading, driving home, unpacking. It’s a LOT! And since once of my business goals this year is to be part of a show every month….it’s like repeat, repeat, repeat 🙂

Today I had a customer in the store, she had just retired. As we were chatting….she said: And I quote here: How fun it must be to have a little store to play with every day.

It was at that point….my thoughts were OY VEY!

I guess the good thing is…..I’m chasing my dream and still loving it! So, word of advice……chase what you love….that is what makes it fun to “play everyday”

Blessings my friends, Joyce