Fridays with Dad

For the past two(ish) years I’ve spent every Friday with my Dad. We’ve gone to thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales and even picked treasures up from the curb!

What fun we have had! We’ve made great friends along the way too. Ludington to Midland to Battle Creek. And let’s talk about the vintage we have found along the way!

My Dad is always saying…..”I’d take a gamble on that!”……and it doesn’t matter what it is or what the price is. I’m the one saying….”Nope, cannot do that price or it needs more work or…..” And trust me…..he loves it when I end up buying it and it sells right away!

We’ve heard the craziest stories, found treasures neither of us knew what it was, we’ve seen clean homes and the dirtiest of homes. But the best part of it… the time/memories we’ve made together.

Thanks, Dad, for always being willing to hit the junkin trail with me!