Yard Sales

Yard Sales!

I love yard sales. You truly never know what you will find. I’m a feast or famine yard-sale person. It’s the kid’s clothing with the missing sock OR it’s great vintage at great prices.

Local yard sales are great fun – but if you want an amazing yard-sale experience you need to hit a trail.

For the past several years I’ve shopped 127. I’ve only been in Ohio though (this sale covers all of 127 – and several states). After this many trips I have vendor friends along the way, know which places to stop and which places to drive past. Sure, I might miss everything……but every year I’m out of space and money any way you look at it. And make sure you eat at the local places while shopping…..saves time and the prices are better.

This past week, for the first time, I shopped 12. This trail goes West to East at the bottom of Michigan. I’ll certainly try it again (because, I love yard sales!), but it was a lot more clothing etc. This was real garage sales vs. 127 often has full-time sellers on the trail. Which can mean better stuff; but at higher prices.

And last spring I also shopped the M15 trail – east side of the state – North to South. This was the best……real garage sales but with great stuff (and great prices).

So, if you love yard sales……get these on your calendar! See you on the yard-sale trail!