Auction Fun

Last month I was out of town when I stumbled on some estate sale signs. You know me well enough at this point…..I followed the signs! Fortunately they were current and well placed… I found the sale easy enough. An old farmhouse, garage and barn looked promising.

However, as I was walking up I hear the auctioneer. Not an estate but an auction. Which apparently started at 9 a.m. At this point the barn had all been sold (which was fine – a lot of project pieces!), and they were finishing up in the yard with all the hunting and yard equipment. As I stood taking in what was happening I realized I was one of three women also. And these guys were looking at me with…..?!?!?!?!? Why would SHE show up to clearly a guy’s auction…and so late at this point (it was close to 1 p.m.).

So, I grabbed an auction number from the desk and went to check out the basement and garage. Turned out the garage had been sold already as well. Which was a bummer because there was a whisk I would have scooped up. Then down to the basement of the house.

The basement had about 10 areas stacked and clearly sectioned off. So much of the stuff on the table was cheap bric-brac. BUT, the cleaning section had this table – piled with buckets, vacuums, cleaning supplies, etc. And I loved the table. So, I was ready to bid on that corner.

As it goes this was the last area sectioned off. The other tables were selling for great prices….$7-$10 for a whole table of items… hopes were up 🙂 My top bid would be $30, no matter what. Bidding gets started and quickly went to $20 with four of us bidding. Then three of us, then two of us, then I lost out when the other guy bid $31. Ugh.

With nothing to lose I waited a few minutes, went over and introduced myself to him. Turns out he didn’t want the table but all the other items. (he also looked at me like I was nuts for wanting that old table). And because he thought the table was nothing….he sold it to me for $5! 🙂 I didn’t have to get rid of all the other items, saved $25 and I couldn’t have been more excited……but then……

Off to my truck I went to get the $5 cash for this guy……and in the garage was the guy who had purchased all the items on the table where the whisk was. Since I was so successful with the table….I asked that guy if he wanted to sell me the whisk……50 cents later I was the proud owner of that whisk!

Jumped in my truck, drove around back, by the time I made it back to the basement the table was unloaded and ready to be loaded on my truck.

I was out of the auction in about 40 minutes, without any additional items that I needed to load, donate, etc. And it only cost me $5.50. Woohooo.

Auctions might just be my thing!