Vintage …. I want…..

Ok, let’s start with this. I ONLY buy Vintage. For my home and my store. Because:

  1. I want to be unique, different, and have conversational pieces
  2. I want to reuse everything I can
  3. I want to save treasures from the landfill
  4. I want to have treasures that tell a story
  5. I want to give a new life to an old treasure
  6. I want to help people relive a memory
  7. I want to find the vintage myself
  8. I want vintage to be authentic and not be a reproduction
  9. I want to find vintage in basements, garages, attics and boxes
  10. I want vintage to help people see the difference in quality and workmanship
  11. I want to help people appreciate authentic
  12. I want vintage to be appreciated by all ages
  13. I want admire, and appreciate, the beauty of handcrafted
  14. I want to learn the story of pieces
  15. I want authentic vintage to be more “popular’ than reproductions
  16. I want to spend more time chatting with people about their vintage pieces and the story that goes with the piece