Yes, We were on TV!

Early November I received an email from WZZM 13 about being on their noon program about Christmas Vintage. My response was, “how much does this cost?”….because nothing is ever free. Imagine my surprise when they responded back ……it was free, it was real and they were inviting us 🙂

Because I still doubted “realistic much ;0” that this would come to fruition I didn’t tell anyone. As the date came closer I emailed again to make sure it was still happening.

So, last Friday Dad and I arrived (wearing our VG shirts) with Vintage Christmas and ready for our three-minutes of fame 🙂 It was such a fun experience. Everyone was incredibly kind of us, we were able to see other guests in the green room and then on TV. We also saw several things that were happening “live” and then it was our turn.

We had three minutes to share our vintage story. And then our phones started ringing from friends who saw the show. Of course, we packed our treasures up and headed off to three estate sales!! We are dedicated junkers for sure….and now we are famous junkers (haha)