My Style is Evolving

First of all, let me start of with I think CHANGE is a good thing. It’s something you can always count on and you can learn to love, and embrace, change.

For the past several years my style (and, therefore;) the style of the store was kitchey cottage. Lots of painted chippy, wicker, sitting on your porch with coffee or wine. And certainly pastel.

But a few months ago we were doing a total rehaul of our home. And SO many things just didn’t work anymore. And it really started with hanging my husbands’ grandfather’s level. I realized I was drawn to tools, workshops, garages…..all the mantiques.

While I am still in love with chippy, painted, pastels….but I’m also mixing in wood tones, tools and natural woods. In our home I’ve actually replaced several pieces with tools and woods. I’m loving the industrial, tool feel of my home.

It’s fun to see this change coming to the store as well. I’m finding so many great treasures in “grandpa’s tool room/garage/barn/fix-it area” …..and I’m loving the woods tones, whites and the cottage feel.

This vintage home is all about what you love, the unique, the individual and the what speaks to your soul. AND I’m hoping this new feel will speak to your soul as well. PLEASE stop in the store and see if you love it as well <3