Unique, Original, Vintage

So many “social media” accounts are pictures of their homes, decor, vintage, interior design…..but so many of them are the same. And so many of the “vintage” items come from other countries. They are just made to look vintage.

Me? I’m a solid authentic vintage gal. I’m also a solid have one-of-a-kind vintage gal. And I’m all about having vintage in my home that not everyone else has. Friends should come over and find treasures that aren’t every where else.

Last spring three ladies were shopping in my store…..and I overheard them saying …oh, I’ve not seen this or this is unique….so I apologized for eavesdropping 🙂 but asked what they meant? Was it good? or just different?

Loved their responses…..they said they had been to several vintage stores that day and they all had the same things…..and my store was different….and real vintage and not out of a catalog! Yay! Loved hearing that.

So, if you are looking for REAL vintage, REAL you, REAL unique……please stop in! I promise you’ll find all three of those! 🙂