Shop Small Business


I want to start with THANK YOU.

Words simply cannot explain how thankful I am for the support Vintage Green has been given. So many people have embraced Small Business and shopped my dream store. Sisters, Neighbors, Moms, Daughters, Friends, Coworker – I think everyone has been told to shop Vintage Green.

Did I mention THANK YOU!!

My goal is to have treasures that are affordable, transformable and desired. Each one of you have answered that goal. I am beyond blessed by each of you.

So…I ask you, well, I thank you…….for shopping small, for shopping local…for shopping my dream.

Blessings my friends! Joyce

Get by with a little help from my VG Friends

IMG_4280 IMG_4340 IMG_4342 IMG_4341

This was the summer to redo my porch. The cushions were old, stained and begging for a change. I also wanted all my cushions to match….from the porch to the deck to the patio. Enter Vintage Green customer…now friend, Jess – Twin Fabrics. She has some amazing sewing skills! Jess is also willing to work with budgets and out of the box ideas 🙂 All the cushion fabric is actually painters’ tarp that I bought from Enter another helper….Sevens Paints, which is across the street from Vintage Green.

Enter Green Door – Jocelyn is someone I have been following on IG and FB. We met this past August and it was like spending an afternoon with an old friend! The cabinet with the wood top is from her store. I LOVE this piece.

Enter Playfully Vintage – the really cool green scale is from them. I’ve loved getting to know Kerry and Martin. Fun people to work alongside of. That scale became the springboard for the rest of the decor.

And last Enter I do Signs. I’ve actually know Amber for several years. Our initial connection was a love of vintage. Amber has a great eye. So last week I video taped my sunporch and asked her what color to repaint the chairs that are at the table. You can see she made a great color choice for the chairs.

The weather here today was wonderful enough that I actually ate my lunch on the sun porch. It was so great to just sit there. I love how the porch turned out…..but more importantly I love the people I’ve met through Vintage Green. Seeing items I picked up from each of them is like having friends all the time on the sun porch. I’m blessed by them.

Blessings my friends, Joyce

Estate Sale Thoughts and Stories

Estate Sale SignOK….Confession. I LOVE estate sales. It’s where you find the good stuff, it’s where you see how people live, it’s where you “feel” their story, it’s where you meet the most fun, amazing people. I LOVE estate sales.

I feel like every estate sale is an adventure – a first! About the time I think I’ve seen it all….another first creeps in. You should know I’ve been attending estate sales for decades. So….. a few of my favorites to share!

1. Last week I was at an estate sale where they handed out rubber gloves before you went in to the house OR garage! Yikes on the germs there. I didn’t buy much because I couldn’t get past the serious sadness of the dirt.

2. Yesterday I was at an estate sale of a woman who had been married six times. The undergarments for sale in one room – well, they made me blush 🙂 WOW on a major 92-year-old hottie 🙂 May I have that much lingerie someday 🙂

3. I was at a sale in IL – Where the house was a deep-block long. It was AMAZING. Because I love stories I asked! She was an interior designer and he was an architect. The house had a garden area on the side that was – seriously – like being in a different world! Coffee in the morning and wine in the evening. I could have found myself on that patio area 🙂

4. I’ve been to sales with dirt floors in the whole house – and houses that were furnished and decorated by the best of the best! But estate sales tell the story from private, poor, entertaining, rich to regular people. Honestly, It’s a privilege to be inside someone’s home. It’s lets you see/feel their story.

Plus….you leave with some really great treasures <3

Blessings! Joyce

On a Learning Curve

Six Months Later

It is hard for me to believe that I have been a store owner for six months! I feel like those months passed in a blur. Well, a lot of paint-covered, hauling furniture blur 🙂

First you should know…. I love this! Watching my dream come to a reality is absolutely awesome. The someday is today. The amazing people who started as customers and have quickly become friends. Nothing beats hugging a new friend.

But this is my first retail adventure (when I was a teenager I taught swimming lessons – so no mall work ever for me)……and that learning curve has been large. Last fall I asked everyone I knew…..tell me something about owning your own business. I learned SO much……from expensive wrapping paper and bags… be aware of rent costs… really trust and know who helps you on this path.

I’ve worked SO much…..from at the store, to finding treasures to getting them ready to paint. Painting, fixing, washing and tagging take a bulk of time. My hobby has become my job! But I am passionate about my job/hobby/my dream and that makes it all worth it.

So…passing on some advice:

1. Make sure you have six months worth of money set aside when you open your store. Rent (current and one month down payment), fees to turn on your water and lights, fee permits for signs… many things cost money to get started. I went through my “stash” in about three months. So blessed that I had those funds set aside! I also said no to lots of things. Sponsorships, etc. The one thing I said yes to was joining the Chamber. So thankful for that. They have been a huge support. I’ve also been blessed by Visit Grand Haven. They graciously put my store on their social medias. Grand Haven has a Downtown District that has provided numerous learning opportunities for me as well.

2. Work more at your store than anyone else does. You get to know your customers. You get to create that friendship, support, loyalty. You get to say please share my business and say thank you. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to your new business neighbors. Mine have been great about telling their customers about a new store.

3. If you are not a CPA get one to come alongside you. I’m certainly hoping it eases tax time for me. Yikes on that whole CPA/Accounting thing! Not my gift. So it’s important to ask for help with what you are not good at or enjoy doing.

4. It’s important that your family supports and encourages your dream. My hubby has been amazing with helping fix things, haul things and working as a sounding board. My sons, and daughter-in-law, have worked at the store, hauled things, and listened to me. Thankful for their embracing my dream as well.

5. Customers like change. I bring new stuff in every day. When something sells I redo everything. Change allows people to see things they have not noticed before. I love it when customers see new things and comment on how different things look. Customers also like clean! The store is vacuumed and dusted weekly. I love hearing people say how nice the store smells.

6. Social Media is a powerful tool. I’m still learning on this. (confession: I have two undergrad degrees in public relations and advertising – but both before the internet was invented!! Yes, the basics helps me….but social media is a BIG deal!!)……so again, I ask a LOT of questions, I pester people younger than me, and I work at trying to figure what is best, works, etc. Social media maintenance takes a lot of time as well. I post one pic every day on all my sites…..and know I should be putting out a weekly blog. Something to keep working on 🙂

7. LOVE LOVE LOVE what your dream is….because that makes it worth it.

8. Last, Balance. Truly work for balance in your life and owning your own business. My hubby told me last weekend that I don’t sit enough. I poured everything I could into my store for the past six months. I’m thankful, and I know I needed to do that, but now I strive for balance. Your business is a business it is not who you are. What are all those expressions….work for a living don’t live for work. That’s where I am at today…..striving for balance.

I am thrilled to be the owner of my dream, Vintage Green, and have checked a major item off my bucket list! So…if you desire to open your own business…please know I would love to share with you <3 Blessings my friends! Joyce

Longest Yard Sale

IMG_3733 IMG_3742 IMG_3748 IMG_3749 IMG_3751 IMG_3755 IMG_3756 (1) IMG_3758 (2) IMG_3759 (2) IMG_3762 IMG_3763

Let’s start with this: If you have never been on the Longest Yard Sale – you NEED to!

My dear friend, Sue, and I have attended several famous, large antique shows. Last year we decided to try the Longest Yard Sale for something different. What fun we had! Last year we started at the bottom of Michigan and worked our way into Ohio. We started on Thursday morning and went for 13 hours. On Friday we stopped at 5 p.m. – only to realize we were just 3.5 hours away from home 🙂

Oh…the people we met…..Aric from RusticDiehls became a great friend (I bought a ton of green goodies from him!)…..and the things we saw for sale……antiques to car seats! Both vendors and shoppers were so kind and fun. We met a couple from Canada who were driving the WHOLE route. They told us every state had different finds for sale and even had bands playing! We met another couple from California who bought enough stuff to stock their antique store for six months!!

So, of course we marked these dates off on our 2015 calendars and planned for more shopping and fun!

This year we drove to the bottom of Ohio Wednesday night. We started out Thursday morning at 8 a.m. IN THE RAIN :(…….several dealers were set up, but all was covered and there was no one to buy from. So it started out slow for us. We met the die-hard junkers, the serious shoppers that morning!

By Thursday night the back seat area of the truck was full, and the back of the truck was full (but the fold-up cover was down to protect from rain). We both knew if we were going to do more shopping on Friday the rain had to stop so we could open the cover and go vertical with purchases. Friday morning we emptied the truck and repacked. The gentleman getting in the car commented on our packing skills! (you know I have a virtual PhD in packing!!)

Now I should tell you that Sue only bought four things (last year too – might be a pattern!) and they were small items. But she points things out for me, helps me load, and makes me laugh all the way. Spending those days with her is as much a perk as the shopping! Love you Sue <3 On Friday we scored some great, big finds. I can talk about the stuff, I can show you the pictures of what I bought.....but the people and the stories! That is the best. We met a lady who rang a cowbell after we realized we knew some of the same people, we kept crossing paths with two ladies we met at the hotel Thursday morning, we met a gentleman who helped us use a ratchet strap (thank heavens!), and we chatted with strangers who became friends all through the state of Ohio. We met three guys named Bob (all selling next to each other) and drank Apple Pie Moonshine with Bob #2 (boy, could I get in trouble if I had that recipe!). We saw Minions, outhouses for sale, a truck and trailer stuck in the mud with men trying to figure that one out!, we saw a map that you put your location pin in, and the water view in Celina, OH was beautiful, and we saw AMAZING fields, blue skies houses, barns. We spent both our two days junkin' from Hamilton, Ohio to West Unity, Ohio. The miles between allowed us to find treasures; but the best part was we made friends, we connected with people we will probably never see again, and we (once again) fell in love with 127. Did I mention - you NEED to do this 🙂 Blessings, Joyce

We ALL have that One Item

Frame of Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Nearly Done

I bought this cabinet in September 2014!! It was in pieces, literally. The lady I bought it from moved from Florida to Michigan five years before I bought the cabinet. She labeled each piece and then took it apart. During her five years in Michigan it was stored, in pieces, in her garage. It was never put back together. So, when she decided to move back to Florida she had a huge sale. No more dragging things back and forth were her words.

So, I took a gamble and bought her puzzle!! Because my hubby is so handy I often buy projects. But this, well, I wondered if I had crossed the line! We both knew as I unpacked my car this was going to be a big project!

The fall was busy for us, then winter was too cold to work on it in the garage. Then in the spring my store opening took every bit of fix-it, attention and well, frankly all our time! That cabinet continued to stare at both of us. We knew it would be a big task. And we all know that big tasks are easy to put off. So, quick fixes bumped this big cabinet project (several times over!).

Finally today my hubby had enough of that cabinet “looking” at him 🙂 When I arrived at home today (after the store closed) I was greeted by the sides of the cabinet coming together. Several hours into putting this back together it is in the garage awaiting a really great wipe down! Thanks honey!

No longer is that cabinet waiting to be restored to its’ gorgeous self <3 Blessings, Joyce

Screen Door Love

Fitting Framed Trimming Screen Door

One of the last store projects was to put in a screen door. Well, it’s in and complete with the “slam” sound 🙂

Thankful for my handy hubby who spent his Sunday afternoon putting the screen door in for me <3 Hoping to see you at Vintage Green soon! Blessings, Joyce

Love of Junk


Are you a junker? Someone who is always checking out garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores…..maybe even the curb?!? If you are….do you ever wonder where you picked up the habit?

This is my dad. He gave me the love of old, repurposed, junk. During my high school years I remember going with my parents to flea markets (and there were no tube socks or headbands available!!), people would lay out blankets and put their wares on them. My dad has been a saver of junk and turning it into something of value. Years ago he gave me an old table on wheels. It has an enamel top. When he bought it the black mold and smell made me wonder what he was thinking. But, it is still in my laundry area today. It’s washed, clean and the legs are painted green (just for me!).

He’s also a putterer. He could spend hours fixing, gluing and painting to get a piece just right. A tinkerer! He’s the person I still call with how to wash something, or a tool I should use. Last week I called to find out how to get mold out of a vintage wicker recliner (which is wonderful now and will make it into the store in the next week). I learned the bleach, soap and hot water scrub from my Dad.

So, it was no surprise today to have my parents pull into the store parking lot with this cabinet. Best part? It didn’t fit into their car and it was roped on to their trunk! For those of you who saw the cabinet I bungee corded to my car a few weeks ago; you will now understand where my packing skills came from 🙂

My dad said now that garage sale season is upon us I should expect more junk deliveries! I say…..bring it on Dad <3

Love to buy dirty brown :)

Glass Cabinet

I bought this cabinet about a month ago. It was DIRTY BROWN. I think the cobwebs, on the bottom, had their own cobwebs!! It was nasty. But nothing is better than purchasing something awful and breathing new life into it.

Everything I bring home gets a soapy, bleach bath (and old trick my dad taught me), and then comes the fun part! I decide what color to paint it, what needs repairing, etc. Fortunately for me my hubby is super handy! (Although I’m not sure he always appreciates that I utilize his skills!)

My favorite part is the painting. We all have our own relaxation, right? I can get lost in painting for hours. If I have the time nothing is better than lining up my driving with furniture to paint!

So, back to the cabinet……it was fixed, washed, painted and the back papered. I LOVE how it turned out 🙂

It will be in the store when I open again! Be sure and stop by and check it out <3