AMAZING Green Cabinet <3

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Lin and Vern, my dear friends, bought this AMAZING cabinet at an estate sale. It was in the basement of a house in Grand Haven (my hometown)……so back to the cabinet 🙂

Turns out it was built IN the basement, Turns out the back was missing, Turns out it had to be sliced, diced and carried out in pieces. Vern did painstakingly carried it out, took one of the doors to the paint store for the exact paint match, put it on casters and reassembled this one piece in three.

The cabinet has latches on the top….which make the three pieces into one piece. Because of that we were easily able to get it into the store. That means it can easily leave the store and head to your home <3

Having said that I want to put a crazy high price on it – so I can keep it, admire it, fill it, and drool on it 🙂 but, Lin and Vern want to sell it. They are hoping someone will adopt it and take it to their loving home.

Truly – this is a piece you just have to see…and lovingly touch it <3

The measurements: 11′ 9″ long, 6 feet tall and 21″ deep. It is on casters. Price is $1,300. They are offering local to Grand Haven delivery for free.

Please come by and see this beauty <3

Blessings, Joyce

Grand Opening – Yay :)

Redo Grand Opening

What great fun the past two days have been! Thank you to everyone who came to the store, shared kind words with me, gave me a hug <3......and a special thank you to everyone who has encouraged my dream! I say this often - but I really am blessed <3 Several things sold (yay!!) late today new items were brought in and an overhaul occured! All the pics are up on my Facebook account. My hours this week.....every day from noon - 6 p.m. Hoping to see you 🙂 Blessings, Joyce

Coolest Sign – Ever!!

Side TwoSide One

I’ve learned in the past month that it takes many people to open a store!! So many of my friends, and family, have shared their gifts with me. How BLESSED I am. From friends hauling items, all the work from my hubby, spending a day setting up, washing my check-out cabinet, helping with their truck, painting the front door, offering support, prayers and encouragement.

But I have to share with you the work of my dear friend, Amber (I Do Signs on Facebook)……if you follow me on any social media sites – you may remember the signs she did for my son/daughter-in-laws wedding last August. While I have to tell you she has amazing chalk 🙂 talent – I do confess – this may be her most amazing work to date! Don’t you LOVE LOVE LOVE the sandwich board she made for my store <3 And.....she's offering a chalk class - you should sign up 🙂 Who knows when I will need your help for my store 🙂 Feeling BLESSED. See you starting Saturday at the Grand Opening Week <3

Store Front <3

Beginning Dan Working On the ladder Store Front Vintage Laid Out

How blessed I am!! My dream of having my own store is a short, six days away! I have a wonderful, handy!! husband who is nailing, hanging and fixing for the store (I think it really is because he is so happy his garage will finally be empty!!)….my children have helped haul and hang things. I’m also blessed with friends who gave time to haul and arrange. On top of that – I seem to have moved into a neighborhood of people who support each other’s businessess!

Words simply cannot express how COOL it is to stand in front of my store. I’m SO excited to share it with all of you. The store opens at noon this coming Saturday – ahahahaha 🙂 SO EXCITING!!

Blessings, Joyce

Front Door


Samantha was my student aide in her senior year of high school. She designed my Vintage Green item tags! Today, she’s a college graduate, married (to an amazing man) and I am honored to still be a part of her life <3. She, and Josh, came to the store today and spent the afternoon helping me. Samantha painted my logo on the front door. I cannot tell you how much it means to me! Every time I open the door I will celebrate our friendship <3. And, when you come to the store - be sure and admire her gifts 🙂

Stay in the Loop :)

Follow Vintage Green

The store is FULL!! Seriously brimming to the ceiling with amazing treasures 🙂 I am thrilled to have the moving done and now getting to play with the set up. Tomorrow starts the vacuuming and clean up.

I’m providing all the ways you can follow Vintage Green on social media. I’m using Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest for pictures of the store/treasures. I’m also going to start using my Twitter account. I’ll ONLY use twitter if McCoy and I are going to be at the store on days that I didn’t publish as Open-Store days. Every month I will publish all my scheduled days – so if you want the pop-ins – be sure to follow on Twitter.

Super excited for the grand opening and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you there 🙂

Blessings, Joyce

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Moved In!

IMG_2817 (5)

All moved in! Two cargo vans full, 11 trips with my car, four cars from my booth at the antique mall, six trips for large furniture (thank you Tom and your truck), help from my cousin, my son, my husband and friends…..and everything is at my store. (Bad thing? I think I may need a larger place!!)

Now the store is in paths…..tomorrow starts the set up. Thank you for friends who are willing to help with this! My parents come next week to help wash, wipe and polish everything. A dear friend is coming to paint my signs on the door.

Seriously, I am SO blessed by people who support my dream. And, I am thankful to share it with each of you 🙂

Blessings my friends! Joyce

Grand Opening Week

Grand Opening Week

Mark your calendars! Save the dates! Please say you will come <3 I'm excited to share my dream with all of you! AND I thank you in advance for sharing these dates, information, and inviting your friends to come along! Looking forward to it 🙂 7 North Seventh, Grand Haven, MI

April 1 – No Foolin’ :)

Not an April Fool’s Day Joke! I get the keys to my store on April 1, 2015!!

My to-do list just went crazy 🙂 This is my last month at the antique mall, so I need to sell, move and clean out my space there. (I’m working on the 17th at the mall and will be offering crazy sales that day! Mark your calendars!!) I’m also making a long list (and if you know me I really use lists) of things I need to get, do, paint, cover, touch up, set up, display……not to mention I finally have enough space at the store to empty my basement and garage. (Dan is thrilled to get HIS garage back)

Because having a store of my own has been a long-time item on my bucket list I am super excited to put together all the details and frills! The details are fun to plan 🙂 And I’ve been storing some amazing things for over a year that I can haul out and use.

Right now I’m planning an open house toward the end of April. It will give me time to get everything painted and cleaned out (nope – the orange and purple paint are not staying!!), and everything hung and displayed. Please stay connected for the dates.

And in the meantime..I would love your prayers:) and would you share my store plans with your friends. I thank you in advance for your support and love of Vintage Green (and me!!) And I look forward to seeing you at my grand opening <3